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    "I searched on internet for moths and months for an inflatable cushion. I could not find it. I even asked several technical people to build one for me. Which also did not work. Just by coincidence i found, on internet, the raiser lifting cushion. I ordered the cushion and i received it . It works SEN-SA-TI-O-NAL for me and the cushion will change my life in a very, very, very positive way."
    Jim Advocaat,

    "Your technical manager Mr Barnfield is an extremely valuable asset to your company. I initially had misgivings about the failure of Mangar to use protective covers on the inflation chambers of the Ekamove. However Mr Barnfield fully explained why (unlike my old device) why it didn't need them. "
    Jack Connah,

    "Excellent product, great service and rapid delivery. Would highly recommend "
    Chris Adams,

    "Having trialed two other similar products, the Ekamove was the best. We trialed the Ekamove with a patient who was unable to tolerate lying on his right side, due to a category 4 pressure ulcer, however he could tolerate the Ekamove and his pressure sore improved despite his deteriorating health. Often the patient did not realise they were on the Ekamove. Also, once learnt it was very easy to use’"
    Joanne Dunford, Staff nurse at St Leonard Hospice,

    "I have always received prompt and efficient service from Mangar "
    A.E Tilley,

    "Well introduced by rep and the equipment is excellent"
    J.A. Sykes,

    "We have used you as a supplier for 15 years and have always had good service"
    Claire Nicol,

    "I have already left you a call full of praise for everyone in your firm but here is another one. Particularly appreciated the kindness and understanding of Daniel"
    D Thursfield,

    "Excellent Customer Service"
    Alan Richardson,

    "Extremely helpful response via website to my initial enquiry on behalf of my Mother. Improved that when we also received our VAT back. Only a one off customer but given excellent service. "
    Phillip Slattor,

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