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    Camel Lifting Cushion + Airflo 24

    SKU: MPCA130500

    Designed to enable the user to be raised up either on their back or on their side, this is an uncomplicated simple to use pillow lifter to raise and lower a person in bed for single handed care.  The Sit-u-Up pillow lift is operated by low air pressure using the Airflo 12 power source.

    Maximum User Weight:

    150kg (24 stone)





    Thickness incl. overlay (min/max):


    Angle of backrest:

    65° max

    Weight incl. carry bag:


    Can I have a spare battery?

    Yes. The battery is detachable from the Airflo Plus and can be charged separately in an accessory called a cradle.

    Is the Airflo Plus waterproof?

    When in a standing position, The Airflo Plus can be placed in a damp bathroom, used in the rain and sustain a splash of water but cannot be submerged in water. It has an IP51 rating.

    Can the Airflo Plus be plugged into a mains supply?

    Yes, but the mains electrical supply is only used to charge the battery and will not power the lifting cushion independently from the battery.

    Not currently available.

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