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    Camel Lifting Cushion + Airflo 24

    5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
    2 customer reviews
    SKU: MPCA060400

    The Camel lifting can both raise a fallen person to a seated position then effortlessly lift them from the floor using single handed care techniques. With an inbuilt backrest and internal ring construction, the Camel emergency lifting cushion offers a fully supportive lift. Using the simple hand control and the compressor provided the camel is easily inflated. The Camel can be used anywhere, indoors or outside and will lift a fall person with dignity, whilst protecting both the carer and the person being lifted from injury.

    • The Camel is particularly suitable for very large or  bariatric people  (lifts up to 50 stone/320kg)
    • Lightweight
    • Simple to use
    • Appropriate for any age
    • Portable
    • Packs away into a compact and discreet bag
    • For use indoors or out
    • Minimizing  moving & handling risks
    • Enhances  independent living
    • Battery operated
    • Airflo controlled


    I have always received prompt and efficient service from Mangar A.E Tilley,
    Excellent Customer Service Alan Richardson,
    Max user weight:

    320kg (50 stone)

    Inflated Seat Height:


    Inflated Width:


    Inflated backrest width:


    Inflated seat depth:


    Inflated backrest height:


    Overall inflated length:


    Deflated rolled dimensions:

    76cm x 20cm



    How often should the lifting cushion be serviced?

    We recommend servicing your lifting cushion every 12 months.

    Are there different sizes of lifting cushions?

    We have an ELK and a Camel lifting cushion. The ELK will lift 450 KG or 980lbs and the Camel will lift 350 KG or 700lbs. For each cushion, one size fits all and no additional accessories are required. In some circumstances a slide sheet, transfer board or transfer belt may be required to assist a transfer.

    Can I over inflate my lifting cushion?

    No. The Airflo Plus will stop once full pressure is realized.

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    5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
    2 customer reviews
    I have secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and quite often fall out of my wheelchair due to my chemotherapy treatment. I now use a very simple device called the ‘Camel’ to get me up from the floor to my wheelchair very easily. The ‘Camel’ (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) uses low air pressure to inflate it first to sit me up and then to raise me to a height where I can transfer. In my situation 2 people are needed to assist me, but the ‘Camel’ is very simple and easy to use and requires minimal instruction to operate it. The ‘Camel’ chair lift is a fantastic piece of equipment.
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