Bedroom equipment to enable Independent Living

Our range of aids have been designed to assist with some of the challenges faced by people with restricted movement, not only getting in and out of bed, but sitting up in bed too.


Jumping into bed after a long day can be difficult for many people with limited mobility.

The stresses and strains can sometimes outweigh the positives of curling up between the sheets and that is something we’re focused on eliminating for Mangar customers.

Our Products

Our range of products have been designed to assist with some of the challenges faced by people with restricted movement, not only getting in and out of bed, but sitting up in bed too.

The range of options have one thing in common and that’s to reduce the frustration and sometimes distress associated with getting into bed and to enhance the opportunity for more independent living.
For home care and healthcare workers, this means a reduction in manual handling, which in turn limits the risk of injury. For the individual themselves, it means a much more relaxing bedtime routine which can result in a better night’s sleep all round.

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Senior Living

We have developed products within our range which provide safe and risk-free moving and handling options at bedtime as well as those which enable residents to have a better night’s sleep all round.


At Mangar, we work closely with local dealers to supply a range of assistive technology equipment that allows people to live the safe and enjoyable life that they want.

At Home

We want you to be able to retain both your independence and dignity, at the same time as reducing the need for manual handling from your carers, reducing their overall risk of injury.


Pillow Lift

Handy PIllowlift


  • Is the Airflo Plus waterproof?
  • When in a standing position, The Airflo Plus can be placed in a damp bathroom, used in the rain and sustain a splash of water but cannot be submerged in water. It has an IP51 rating.

Keeping things homely...

We are very aware that while our customers require help with some aspects of daily life, the home still needs to feel like home. That’s why we make sure all our products are designed to work alongside your existing furniture and require no permanent fixtures or alterations to your home. This means if you decide to move house, go on holiday, or simply want to free-up furniture or the bath for another person, all our products can be removed or re-fitted in a matter of seconds.

To make sure we deliver on this, all our new products are tested by the very people who use them as well as healthcare professionals before they come to market so you can be sure they are more than fit for purpose.

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