Senior Living

For many years, as part of the research and development of our products, Mangar has worked directly with the social care workforce to reduce staff sickness and associated costs while at the same time encouraging greater staff productivity.


people are affected by pressure care ulcers every year


of injuries reported among nursing staff and carers are musculoskeletal

Senior Living

Do you have residents that fall?

Every day, 1000 residents living in senior living homes will fall.  Ensuring residents are lifted safely and in a dignified way is a daily challenge for healthcare professionals and one that over the years has contributed to musculoskeletal injuries for many working in the sector.

At Mangar, we offer a new solution to lifting which protects workers from injuries and allows residents who fall a quick, easy way to return to their feet or seat. The Mangar lifting cushions, Camel and ELK are recognized by Ambulance Trusts in the US as the best way to lift fallen people and provide an easy to use, efficient solution to lifting.

If you have residents living with dementia who have the propensity to fall, talk to us about the Camel as your manual handling solution of choice.  Customers report residents become far less distressed when lifted on a Camel as they keep their feet firmly on the ground and enjoy the feeling of being lifted on a chair.

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Patient Lifting

We champion dignified care for residents who fall and are keen to reduce the pressure on hospitals and the emergency services.


We have developed products within our range which provide safe and risk-free moving and handling options at bedtime as well as those which enable residents to have a better night’s sleep all round.


Handy Pillow Lift

ELK Lifting Cushion


  • What happens if I get a puncture?
  • The incidences of puncture are rare. If a puncture does occur, then only the section of cushion with the damage would be affected – the remaining three will still operate. The lifting cushion will not burst like a balloon and there is no risk of injury to the patient from a rapid descent. If the puncture is small, then the cushion would still work though there would be an audible leak. Punctures cannot be repaired due to the pressure and load and damaged units have to be replaced.

Keeping things homely...

We are very aware that while our customers require help with some aspects of daily life, the home still needs to feel like home. That’s why we make sure all our products are designed to work alongside your existing furniture and require no permanent fixtures or alterations to your home. This means if you decide to move house, go on holiday, or simply want to free-up furniture or the bath for another person, all our products can be removed or re-fitted in a matter of seconds.

To make sure we deliver on this, all our new products are tested by the very people who use them as well as healthcare professionals before they come to market so you can be sure they are more than fit for purpose.


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